Today, Reebok and Los Angeles creative collective Brain Dead reveal their FW20 collaboration featuring Reebok’s classic Beatnik and Pump Court silhouettes uncovered as ancient artifacts.

As portrayed in Brain Dead’s fantastical campaign film produced by L.A.-based artistic studio SUPERDOOM, fabled researcher and historian Solomon Wright has discovered two ancient artifacts – the historic Beatnik (“The Key”) and Pump Court (“The Battery”) – unlocking a door to interdimensional travel.

“When we first read the manuscript written by Solomon Wright, we were shocked – How could such important research not be taught in school?,” remarked Brain Dead. “ We had heard theories of when and where humans came in contact with technology before – evolution, creating the wheel, fire, etc. but never read anything so compelling as Solomon’s book.”

Compelled to help spread Solomon’s knowledge, Brain Dead made contract.

“When we reached out to Solomon … we were surprised to find him not doing so well financially. His house boat sprung a leak and he recently lost his car, and was having trouble getting around town – a sad fate for someone who had discovered interdimensional travel, “ continued Brain Dead. “So we pulled some strings and told him we’d make a film to help get people interested in his research. This adaptation film is a testament to those who have not yet received word of Solomon’s book. It’s just a taste of Solomon’s sacred knowledge.”

“Open your minds and buy the research. It’s not that expensive!,” concludes Brain Dead. “The truth is out there.”

Replica renditions of these ancient artifacts – the Brain Dead x Reebok Beatnik and Pump Court – are available to the public exclusively from Brain Dead beginning September 15 before launching globally at and select local retailers beginning September 18.

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