Up top you will get an official look at the Reebok Liquify Collection. The latest fashion inline collection from the brand, this quartet of sneakers are inspired by hot and cold liquid. The pack will include the DMX Trail Hydrex, DMX Trail Shadow, Premier Road Modern and Zig 3D Storm.

The Zig 3D Storm and Premier Road Modern in this collection offer oranges and reds which mirror liquid rock such as magma and lava. The red/black Premier Road Modern exemplifies that narrative of volcanic reactions and the liquid-like materials produced by those reactions.

The remaining silhouettes feature shades of blue mixed with yellows to represent the properties of water. The deep sea ocean inspires the dark blue and yellow hues, and nods to the bioluminescent creatures that live on the ocean floor. The lighter blue comes from the glacial landscape, with the light blue Premier Road Modern reminiscent of a glacial barrier breaking apart. This theme comes together through the use of transparent and patent materials to further illustrate the different liquids.

The Reebok Liquify Collection will be available in unisex sizes at select retailers starting at $180 beginning mid-October.

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