No.One is back once more with one of their limited drops that everyone should be paying attention to. This time around the LA-based sneaker label drops a luxurious pack known as the No.One Vachetta Edition. Consisting of the No.One Bravo and Charlie, the collection has both pairs dressed in a premium vegetable tanned leather finish.

Using a system called “Concia in Fossa,” the leather used on the No.One Vachetta Edition is first sourced in France and then hand produced in Tuscany with special techniques that integrate animal fats and natural tannins from the Quercia tree, producing the leather’s premium appearance. This method of tanning dates back to ancient times and involves the raw hides to be submerged in tanks that consist of tannin solutions for thirty days, thus ensuring the look of each leather is always different from another. Vachetta leather is undyed and untreated, free of any preservatives or stabilizers present in other tanning processes. This results in the leather aging naturally and develop a unique patina over time created from the oils from human touch, the light of the sun and other environmental exposure.

The No.One Vachetta Edition Collection is limited to just 12 pairs and is now available at No. One’s LA studio and online.

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