No offense to Kanye, but the Nike Air Foamposite One/Pro is one the most divisive sneakers of the past few years.  Sporting a look that many would consider still ahead of its time even though they first dropped back in 1997, the Foams was one of the catalysts for the sneaker game becoming what it is today.  What was once a Nike outlet store staple experienced a second life thanks to the release of the “Eggplant” colorway and has ridden a wave of popularity since.

But like all great stories, there comes a tipping point.  The release of the “Galaxy” Foamposites during the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend highlighted many of the issues that sneakerheads deal with today, from high retail prices and even higher resale ones to a fundamental change in the way Nike handles big releases.  And in many ways, Foams have now become the ultimate “love it or hate it” sneaker in the community, with so many that swear by the colorful kicks and those who hate it with a passion.

And now I turn the discussion over to our esteemed panel of Kicks on Fire contributors. Let’s see what they have to say about the Foams and its future in the game that somehow involves Chris Brown.  Ok, then…KoF Roundtable 2013814 (1)

Finish this sentence. “After the ‘Galaxy’ Foams released, the sneaker game…”

Kris Gladney (aka Kris Carter): “…changed, for better and worse.” The Galaxy release has had an effect on every release afterwards, the restocks and concerns about safety are great but the 8 o’clock release and RSVP system SUCKS.

Rancell Iglesias (aka Rancell Cucamonga): “…changed.”  Not only affecting the way people looked at foams, but it also had a bigger effect.  Since the release of the “Galaxy” foams, Nike noticed the craze for foams had risen, and took advantage of this.  They released more and more crazy colorways, and started producing larger amounts; the foams had made a comeback.  As for other sneakers.. try getting anything with a “Galaxy” colorway for retail. HA! Good luck.

Lea Turgeon (aka Leezus Christ): “…proved to be in a more troubled state than most had probably thought.” The thirst was real. The desperation of people selling/trading cars on Craigslist for a pair of sneakers was wild and news worthy, but at the same time it wasn’t the best look for the sneaker game.

Jason Moosikkamol (aka Jason Whitten’s Kittens): “…began to accept absurd color ways into the mainstream.”  The ‘Galaxy’ Foamposites were a great segue into demonstrating how creative each sneaker firm could get with their kicks.  Customs are either mad expensive, or impossible to get a hold of, yet Nike supplied a product that is more available (don’t quote me on that) and looks one-of-a-kind.

Joe Sherman (aka Rich Homie Sherman): “…collectively lost its mind.” I remember people who didn’t even LIKE sneakers thirsty for a pair. I think my neighbor’s lizard was looking to cop a pair.  To me, everything changed after that… It pushed the sneaker culture into another stratosphere… brought new people and new rules into the game. Was that a good thing……? Meh…KoF Roundtable 2013814 (2)


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