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Last night, I replied to a Twitter post by one of our KoF contributors, Jason Moosikkamol.  While watching the MTV Video Music Awards (strike one), he lamented that he hadn’t heard Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River” (strike two, that’s a great diss song) in a while and that he would rectify it.  Now, if he had just stopped there we would have been fine, but then he had to go and say that he hadn’t heard the song since middle school (strike three, Jason’s fired). The point is that while most of the KoF contributors are in their early 20s (I shudder to think that they’ll form a boy band called #TeamKoF), they wanted to share their take on Reebok Classics and what the past year and a half has been like for the brand. – Juan 

Buy or Sell. Reebok had a bigger year than Nike, Jordan Brand, and Adidas.

Jason Moosikkamol (aka Jason Terry): Sell. Jordan Brand is the seasoned veteran that runs the game with an iron fist. Of course there’s the trusty sidekick in Nike, and the fierce rival in Adidas. But this year, Reebok seemingly came off the bench and won the sixth man of the year and most improved, at the same damn time. Reebok’s resurgence doesn’t translate to a bigger year than the aforementioned brands, but they’ve made immense progress towards becoming top contender.

Lea Turgeon (aka Bruce Lea): Sell. I really wish that the statement were true in that they made some great comebacks with some even better colorways. It’s tough to beat out Nike any year, and with the Retros Jordan is constantly bringing it’s almost impossible (in my eyes, not saying it’s right) to beat out the JB brand.

Rancell Iglesias (aka Splinter ranCell): Sell. Although Reebok had a MONSTER year, there is no way that they did it better than all three brands. Nike alone has pushed out so many new models and colorways that have been successful. I give Reebok props for their year, but in my opinion it’s hard to give them the title.

Kris Gladney (aka Kris Tucker): Buy. Reebok, Jordan Brand, Nike and Adidas in that order.

Joe Sherman (aka Sherman Klumps): Sell. It’s no secret. Reebok had a massive year it’s hard to put them ahead of the usual suspects. With the recent (and much enjoyed) success of LeBron, the Roshe movement, and the countless Retros, it’s hard to put Reebok in first. It’s great to have them back though because they release a bunch of classics this year in my opinion.

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