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One of the perks of attending a star athlete’s summertime camp is all of the unexpected (yet kinda expected at the same time) free swag that you will get from the camp’s major sponsors. Not surprisingly, the bigger the name of the athlete, the better that gift bag is going to be.  In the case of Kevin Durant’s recent Skills Academy, those that were part of the camp received a pair of the Nike KD 7 “35K Degrees”.  But it’s not just any ordinary “35K Degrees” colorway that you can buy it stores, mind you, because this special version that has the KD Skills Academy logo on the inside of the shoe’s tongue and… well, actually that’s it unless you want to count the “promo” on the shoe’s tag.

For $1,499.99 (or best offer), you too can own this that has a special graphic printed on a part of the shoe that will never be visible to anybody in public that isn’t a total creeper.  If you thought the Air Jordan 4 “Quai 54″ was silly, this might take the cake.

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Over the weekend, sports card and memorabilia collectors (and Bill Simmons) attended the National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.  Amidst the reborn LeBron James collectible scene in the city thanks to a certain somebody coming back home, there was a buzz emanating from the Layton Sports Card booth that might be of interest to a few of our readers.  Well, the filthy rich ones who not only like sneakers but the athletes that actually wear them, I guess…

Later this month, Panini America will be dropping one of their super premium releases of the year, 2013-14 National Treasures.  Priced at around $500 per box, this products yields nothing but autographs and pieces of game-worn jerseys from the game’s past, present and future.  Panini sent out a preview case for Layton to open and one of the cards they pulled featured a signed Penny Hardaway card with a piece of his signature shoe.  For the first time ever in National Treasures, Panini will be introducing Sneaker Swatches, which are cards that not only feature an autograph of the player but a piece of a game-worn sneaker as well.  Here is a gallery of some of the players included in the set like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Victor Oladipo, Kelly Olynyk and Penny Hardaway in the video above.

panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-60 panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-59 panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-58 panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-57 panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-56 panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-55 panini-america-2013-14-national-treasures-flawless-basketball-first-look-53

Images: Panini America

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