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Kevin Durant is back!!! Whoooooo!!!!

Or is it Nike brought him back? The big news over the weekend is that Nike has decided to not only match Under Armour’s giant offer for the reigning NBA MVP, but blow it out of the water by raising the price and giving him a nice retirement package to live off as well.  This is a monumental coup for Durant (and Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports) as he gets to stay with the only brand that he has ever worn since college and it proves that Nike is not messing around when it comes to their talent that they spent years building up.

Now before you go making “Nike, You The Real MVP” twee…

Ah, crap.  Ok, the alarms have been sounded and the Nike fans (which are different from KD fans) are once again gloating at their latest victory.  You know, because they get a prize for support Nike, right?  If by “prize” you mean KD products are going to get a hell of a lot more expensive than yes, these Nike heads won a big “prize”.

Make no mistake about it, Nike paying that hefty price for Durant is going to have a trickle down effect that will impact not only KD’s signature line moving forward but the entire sneaker landscape in general.  Get your wallets ready because this is What Nike Resigning Kevin Durant Means For Sneakerheads.

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The bidding battle between Under Armour and Nike Basketball continues today as we have learned that Under Armour has put up a very lucrative offer on the table for the 2013-14 NBA MVP Kevin Durant. ESPN has reported that Under Armour’s offer is worth between $265 million and $285 million over a 10 year span. That averages out to between $26.5 million and $28.5  million annually, which means that Under Armour would be devoting nearly 10 percent of its current annual marketing budget on him alone.

The deal proposed by Under Armour includes stock in the company and other incentives, such as a community center built in his mother’s name. It’s interesting to note that Under Armour is based out of Baltimore, Maryland, which is 36 miles away from Seat Pleasant, the city where Durant grew up as a child. So it would make lots of sense for KD to ink with UA and create a legacy where he wouldn’t have to compete against other superstars, most notably LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. This deal would also make Under Armour a major player in the basketball market by proving that they could lure in big name players, no offense to Steph Curry.

If Nike decides to match the offer, Kevin Durant can’t legally choose Under Armour, much like a restricted free-agent in basketball.

So will Nike match the offer or will Under Armour make one of the best players in the game their headliner? Looks like we will find out soon enough.

Let us know in the comments below who YOU think Kevin Durant should sign with.

via: ESPN

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