Stories about sneaker culture on sites that don’t always talk about sneaker culture often end up being attack pieces on our little world.  They tend to focus on the seedy underbelly that paints a negative image of everybody that happens to have an affinity for funky colored and expensive Jordans.  Unless it is a celebrity or an athlete outside of our realm that stands up for sneaker culture, we are often left defenseless and unable to speak for ourselves and tell the world that we can be just as fun-loving and positive as any pursuit in the world.

Enter Sneaker Grandma.  Or should I say @SneakerGrandma (you can also find her on Twitter).

With merely 7 Instagram photos and a few tweets to her credit, Sneaker Grandma has garnered quite the following (over 14,000 Instagram followers and nearly 5,000 Twitter followers as of this post) and has been featured on sites like the Huffington Post and Elite Daily.  Now seeing our elderly citizens rocking heat is not something we haven’t seen before, but there is something endearing about our new hero (a) calling herself “Sneaker Grandma” while (b) being completely oblivious to the norms of sneaker culture and (c) looking good doing it.

As of right now, the internet has yet to discover the true identity of Sneaker Grandma and really, does it matter?  Sometimes we just need to step back and enjoy life for what it is instead.  It’s like Grandma says in her bio, “[L]ive, love, laugh!”







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