If you weren’t aware, there was an article floating around that stated Michael Jordan was robbed at gunpoint for his personal pair of Gamma Blue XI’s. The article seen on creambmp, sparked a social media uprising leading retweets and instagram re-posts. All of a sudden there were tons of articles about the post, and nobody even checked the credibility of the website. The website is comprised of satire and hypothetical situations, so obviously the article wasn’t real. No, Michael Jordan was never robbed for his shoes so at least people respect the man who gave the brand it’s relevance, but that is not true for our peers. In the sneaker community we have witnessed many robberies, casualties and even deaths for different types of shoes. Jordan’s yet very sought after are not the only shoes that lead to robberies. It is a sad day everytime someone is hurt over shoes, so I wrote this list to inform those that are unaware. I think this is the perfect time of the year for the list also, to inform those who are ungrateful that there are people who lose their lives over the shoes you take for granted. My opinion is that you should work hard for what you want, appreciate those that help you get what you want and respect what others have don’t envy.

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