Jazzy showing off again...

Jazzy showing off again :/

When sneaker historians look back on the year 2013 in the distant future, one of the touchstone moments they will revisit and study is the rise of the #SBologist. Thanks to our expert in all things Nike SB, Jazzy has turned what was a niche part of the Nike portfolio into something of a worldwide phenomenon. Every Thursday, she would encourage our Kicks On Fire Twitter community from all parts of the world to join in on the conversation either to connect with fellow fans of SB’s surprisingly deep history and educate those who might need a little help (these people are typically card-carrying members of the #JDF).

It was during these Thursdays where you got a chance to see that there was more to being a “Nike head” than signatures and Jordans. No two days were ever the same because between the steady stream of new releases and heat from the past, you not only saw something you hadn’t seen before each week, you were also learning about the greats that came before. And to think it all came from a simple hashtag.

So for this year’s list of the best Nike SB Releases Of 2013, we asked a few of our friends (well, Jazzy’s friends) for their thoughts on the year that was in SBs and what they chose as their favorite pair or two. You might recognize a name or ten, but much like you, they are all down for the #SBology cause.

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