By now you should know to not to not be surprised with anything or everything that comes out of the mouth of Lavar Ball. His latest bold statement: To plan on releasing his very own $1,500 sneaker.

LaVar recently expressed his desire to design his very own sneaker. Lonzo has his very own $495 pair. LaMelo recently unveiled his $395 pair of sneakers. So why not Lavar come out with his very own $1,500 sneaker?

LaVar made this known during a live question-and-answer session with fans on Facebook where he was asked about the possibility of following in the footsteps of his sons and designing and releasing his very own Big Baller Brand signature sneaker. This is how LaVar addressed that question:

“How about I give you the name of the shoe? I just don’t know when I’m coming out with it yet. ‘The LaVar-iccis!’ Holler at your boy! But I will give you a tip: make sure you save your money because they’re gonna be $1,500 USD or more. Cause I’m gonna design them and they’re gonna be fly. My bad — they’re gonna be baller-ized.”

Yo! Who’s ready for the Big Baller Brand LaVar-iccis! Who’s down to drop a stack and a half on these baller-ized sneakers? Stay tuned as more info begins to surface.

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