Buy them all because you like them... then what? Image: huzhuzh

Buy them all because you like them… then what? Image: huzhuzh

“Just buy what you like.”

Is it really that easy when it comes to buying sneakers nowadays? You discover a pair of kicks that you like on a blog or at the store and you’re hooked; you dream about finally owning them, you talk about them with your friends and you plot your course of action on release day. The days comes and boom, congratulations, you have the kicks that you like.

Then how come so many people have an empty feeling after their purchase?

Why do they feel the need to buy another pair seemingly as soon as possible to get that rush again? It’s because some of us do what we want when we want because we can, not because we put any deeper thought into it. Because saying “buy what you like” is a cop-out; it’s like saying “eat what you want” and blaming McDonald’s for why you’re fat. It can’t nor should it be as easy as that.  When there’s no restraint there’s no point.

Sneakerheads are part of this quirky little society that derives a great deal of enjoyment out of their footwear. We should really take that time to enjoy the process of finally scoring that elusive pair you’ve been wanting for so long or when you magically beat the bots on or when you’re putting together a custom masterpiece that only you own. Instead of being part of the rat race that has to buy something every weekend, take a step back and think about whether or not you’ll be enjoying the kicks as more than just a showpiece for your social media followers.

So for this week’s #KoFMailbag, we asked the Kicks On Fire community what goes on in their mind when they buy kicks. Because I foolishly want to believe it’s more than “duh, I like them.” And thankfully, it was. We thank everybody once again for submitting their answers and be sure to come back next week for another installment. But for now, these are actual emails from Kicks On Fire fans. Enjoy…

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