Oh, the emails that big boss sends me at random times…

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From: (name withheld)
Subject: Change in the demographic
It’s time for you all to stop turning a blind eye and making jokes out of all the things that are going on in the sneaker community. As a sneaker blog site as big as you all I know you understand the vast amount of influence you hold. As you know the Lebron 10 champ pack is releasing tomorrow with very select stores getting the pack we all know it would be next to impossible to get our hands on the pack. Now when you have people at HOH putting up pairs and guaranteeing pairs for themselves or friends when the store only got 12 pairs to begin with is just wrong.
This is exactly why I didn’t want the raffle system to be implemented in the first place simply because it makes it easier for stores to guarantee themselves or friends a pair. So now that the stores are counted out we resort to nike.com. And we all know since the pack is reselling for 5000+  bots will be in full effect tomorrow regardless if Nike is canceling orders or not.  Something needs to be done and if things are being done they are not happening fast enough.
I don’t understand why the staff is taking from the initial shipment that is going out to the public. Now you have stores with partial size runs because the staff got dibs first. I understand that you all are in no way connected to Foot Locker or Nike but you do have a word in what those companies listen to. I think it’s time for blogs to start highlighting that the system is beyond broken not only at the bot level but at the store level as well.    
Great, this topic again...

Great, this topic again…

You’re probably thinking that I’m going to make fun of this email and call it short-sighted, but there are a lot of valid arguments here that just needs a little tweaking because we have to be realistic with the things that can change and what won’t change.  And in order to do that, let’s break down the email into digestible chunks and explore each talking point.

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