Today’s #KoFMailbag is courtesy of a sneakerhead who is curious to see if LeBron’s older kicks are coming back soon…

There has been plenty of talk about Nike bringing back LeBron James’ older models for quite some time now, but it was LeBron himself who intensified the conversation when he wore a pair of the Nike Air Zoom Generation “1st Game”  (OG? Retro? Who knows?) and posted it on his Instagram page.  And then he took it to the next level when he posted this video from Nike World HQ.

I got a lil history! 11's up next! Let's go

This much we can say with certainty: LeBron’s kicks will get a retro release eventually.  The only question is when Nike pulls the trigger and whether or not it will be too early or too late.  Certainly James has in many ways recovered from his massive “Decision” public relations snafu from a years back thanks to a pair of NBA championship trophies and a second Olympic gold medal.  Unless you live in Cleveland, chances are the only reason you don’t like LeBron James now is because you’re over the age of 30 and can’t stop reminiscing about the so-called good old days of basketball (yes, it was good but it’s ok to move past it) or you’re a card-carrying member of the #JDF.

As it stands, James makes a lot of money for Nike with his current models as it is in the United States alone  so the dilemma for Nike is whether or not they believe that putting out retros of the Nike Air Zoom Generation or other previous LeBron models will add to their bottom line or cannibalize the sales of whatever the new product is.  As great as retros have been for Nike, even they have to acknowledge that today’s new kicks are suffering somewhat from all attention being paid to older product.  It’s a delicate balance that they’ve only had to deal with once back in the days with the Jordans, but the sneaker game back then is a lot different than what it is today and obviously LeBron is not Jordan by any stretch of the imagination.  If you try hard enough, you can still find OG Zoom Generations for reasonable prices because sneakerheads were starting to grow cognizant of things like resale value back in 2003 so they started taking better care of their collection, deadstock or not.  This was certainly not the case in 90s unless you were a diehard sneakerhead.

So if I were to take a guess as to when the first LeBron James Nike retro will pop up, the date I would keep an eye on is November 5, 2013, the date on the “1st Game” Zoom Generations.  As Nike has proven before with the Air Jordan 3 Retro ’88, they don’t mind releasing kicks on a weekday.  More than likely they will be a limited release with some special packaging to gauge how much interest there is and they will probably do the same thing for the other original colorways all throughout the 2013-04 NBA season.  Could they possibly drop the “Wheat” colorway during the All-Star weekend or could there be a new colorway with a “Mardi Gras” theme coming as well?

Of course, it’s also possible none of this could happen and LeBron is just trolling us, which would be hilarious and a bummer at the same time, I guess.

So if LeBron’s kicks do come back here are 10 that we would not mind seeing make a return at stores….

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