Here’s a warning to start off this latest #KoFBestOf2016 post: it’s called “favorite” and not “best” for a reason. This list will not include the Acronym x Nike Air Presto collab that seemingly everybody in the sneaker (blog) community is in love with. No disrespect to Acronym co-founder Errolson Hugh, but I just don’t get it. Making a sneaker that is about as simple (in a good way) as it gets in the Nike Air Presto and adding superfluous gimmicks like zippers and straps reminds me of when I would play Square Enix role playing games for hundreds of hours and wonder why the hell director Tetsuya Nomura felt the need to add a zipper or a strap where it didn’t need to be. And as somebody who loves superfluous gimmicks like breaking sugar glass with a lead pipe to find a pair of sneakers inside, you know it has to really be pointless for me to not get behind that train.

And if you know me, you know there’s no chance in hell a Supreme collab makes this list.

atmos x Nike Air Max 1 (2016)


Nike pulled out all of the stops for Air Max Day 2016 and one of the highlights was the return of the atmos x Nike Air Max 1. Ok, it wasn’t a 1:1 recreation of the 2002 classic, but it retains many of the signature elements that sneakerheads and die-hard Air Max love and was a big hit at retail when they dropped. The best part is that anybody who was lucky enough to score a pair of the original still has bragging rights to this day, while those own the 2016 version have something to call their own.

SNS x adidas Consortium Tee Time


The way to my heart is through golf. Well, most of the time it’s food or a sardonic sense of humor, but golf is high up on the list of things I appreciate when it comes from unexpected places. Sneakersnstuff broke the walls down and brought golf to two of the three stripes most high-profile sihouettes at the moment. From the brogue detailing on the EQT to the unconventional use of white and black on the Ultra Boost, it’s a collab that has me crying constantly when I see how much both pairs go for in the secondary market.

Packer Shoes x adidas NMD

Packer Shoes

I’ve already showered heaps of praise on this drop when I named one of the best adidas NMD drops this year, so go over there and read that and come back here to see the next pick on our list.

Staple Design x PUMA Blaze of Glory Pigeon


The iconic Pigeon aesthetic that Stape Design has refined through the years seemingly works on any sneaker and one of the latest to get the treatment was the PUMA Blaze Of Glory. While PUMA probably would have preferred that this release got obscene Nike SB Dunk levels of hype, ordinary sneakerheads like us appreciate that there appeared to be more than enough to go around and that the resale values isn’t unreasonable.

Toy Story x Vans Collection

I still remember the first time I watched Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. No matter how old I got (and if you were around for the first movie, you’ve probably changed quite a bit by the third one ended), I was kept coming back to Buzz and Woody. There are have been numerous Disney-related sneakers through the years, but none of them captured the whimsy and retained a level of cool like the recent Vans collaboration did. I can thank Buzz for finally convincing me to own a pair Sk8 Hi sneakers. For me, the “…and beyond” in his iconic catchphrase means “try Vans, you jerk.”

BAIT x Dreamworks x Diadora Collection

Yo, Skeletor has a shoe. The only thing better would be if Battle Cat got his own pair too…

WALE x Villa x Asics Gel-Lyte 3 Intercontinental Champion


The Intercontinental Champion at its peak was seen as the workhorse title in the WWF, now WWE. They weren’t necessarily the most popular wrestler to the masses, but they were the best in terms of technical ability. The IC champ could have matches with the crappiest worker and the biggest star and the matches would be fun and believable. It was also seen as a stepping stone for some of the greatest of all time, including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and The Rock before becoming World Champion. During the title’s heyday, the belt featured colorful straps, including the blue that was used as inspiration for this collaboration between Asics, retailer Villa, and rapper cum wrestling fan Wale.

BAIT x adidas Stan Smith Happy


I’m not sure what exactly the inspiration for this sneaker is, but it smells funny and has a hidden pocket on the inner tongue. The happy faces are also supposed to mean something but I can’t quite place my finger on what it is. Hopefully by the time I get around to rocking these, it’ll be legal in most states in the country. Wait, what?

Nike Kyrie 2 Ky-Rispy Kreme


Our pick for the best Nike Kyrie 2 colorway is not surprisingly one of the best collaborative efforts of 2016. Who would have thought a glazed covered doughnut and a red and green box would make for an amazing colorway for a pair of kicks? Ok, maybe I’ve done it more than once in our Fun With NIKEiD series, but the actual Krispy Kreme co-sign paired with that sweet, sweet box makes all the difference between a custom job and something that is official and awesome.

Nintendo x Vans Collection

Kicks On Fire

Gamers are some of the most jaded people you will come across on the internet. They are notorious for being difficult to please, especially when they feel outside forces are trying to appeal to them through soulless licensing deals. The Nintendo x Vans Collection could have been a disaster, but then it wasn’t and I’m thankful for that. When your Legend Of Zelda Slip-On includes Stalfos, Mobins along with Link and Zelda, that’s when I know you did your homework. I want to shake the hands of the team that made this collaboration happen because they are true Nintendo fans who understood what made the NES so special to generations of gamers. The packaging was excellent, the silhouettes fit the games they were trying to honor and there was plenty to go around for people to cop.

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