Today’s NBA is full of players who dress for success. No other league cares as much about looking like boardroom professionals or New York Fashion Week runway models and it’s reflected on the attire that they wear as they head into the arena. The styles can range from LeBron James dressing like a CEO to Carmelo Anthony trying on various hats that go viral to Russell Westbrook testing the limits of what’s possible.  What matters is that everybody’s paying attention and their brands are better for it.

But let’s be honest here for a second: no matter how outlandish somebody might get these days, nobody in the NBA present or past has the game to pull off a cow print suit. Hell, nobody in this world in on that level of swag. Except Walt “Clyde” Frazier. And Packer Shoes and PUMA know it.

For their latest sneaker collaborative effort, Packer teamed up with PUMA on a Cow Print Suit pack that honors Clyde with a trio of kicks that only the New York legend could pull off. The red and black pairs signify cow suits that Clyde has already worn previously, but the third pair is a special “Blue Cow” colorway that also includes an actual blue suit to match. Too bad we didn’t get the suit, but the kicks will do for sure.


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