KoF Insiders: Jen Jen for #ChicksOnFire, Don't Sleep on the Ladies. (1) KoF Insiders: Jen Jen for #ChicksOnFire, Don't Sleep on the Ladies. (2) KoF Insiders: Jen Jen for #ChicksOnFire, Don't Sleep on the Ladies. (3) KoF Insiders: Jen Jen for #ChicksOnFire, Don't Sleep on the Ladies. (4) KoF Insiders: Jen Jen for #ChicksOnFire, Don't Sleep on the Ladies. (5) KoF Insiders: Jen Jen for #ChicksOnFire, Don't Sleep on the Ladies. (6)

Jen Twice is that sneakerhead. It’s not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. She reps for the ladies.  She does it for the culture. There’s no doubt. Taking her serious is a must. Have you seen her 365 series? Come on. Her resume says it all:

Girls Got Kicks
Female Sneaker Fiend

Respect her. Enjoy her. Hell, with all that heat, you could thank her.  Oh – and have a Happy New Year.

Earliest memory of kicks

My first memory has to be when one of my older brother bought a pair of Tim Duncan Foamposite Max, the silver joints. I wanted a pair SO bad!

What inspires your sneaker choices

My style of sneakers is all over the place. I try to catch up mostly with sneakers from my youth, shoes I saw my brothers wear, of favorite sport players, etc. But then I also like anything that’s bright. So I’ll go from wearing some crazy OG’s that take you back to the 90s and then switch up to a pair of metallic AM1′s.

Most challenging part about being a female in the culture

It’s extremely hard to be taken serious as a female in such a male dominated scene. When I first started to really do this sneaker thing, social media was pretty much nonexistent. Female Sneaker Fiend really helped me create my own voice and identity when it came to this, made me realize that I wasn’t the only girl into boy shoes. It’s also especially hard when the brand doesn’t make the shoes in a youth size. That really hurts my heart.

About your part in Girls Got Kicks and the statement it made

Being a part of Girls Got Kicks is probably the best experience of my life. I was lucky enough to be one of the featured photographers for the book. This gave me the opportunity to travel with the FSF boss lady, Lori and meet amazing women all over the world & hear all about their passion for kicks.

How’d you get involved with DXC?

I started off at DXC repping for Female Sneaker Fiend. Then during that time I just started helping them, and now about 7 years later I’m one of the event coordinators for the East.

Why SBs?

SBs helped me find my own style. I started copping kicks in high school. All everyone cared about was either Jordan’s or preppy shoes to go with the school uniform. I remember going crazy for the “3 bears pack”, to this day the baby bear lows have to be my most worn shoe in my closet. In the midst of my 365 sneaker photo challenge, I try to post a SB shoe every Thursday for #SBology!

If you could only keep one pair

This is the hardest question EVER! Ultimately I’d probably pick Homegrown Air Max 1s. They mean so much to me.

When you’re not collecting kicks, you’re _____

Taking pictures for my 365 or planning the next DXC. Or just traveling with my friends enjoying life and seeing new sights.

What’s on your feet now

Duck Camo Air Max 90s

If that pair were a song, it would be

Jay Z – Public Service Announcement

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