Sneaker YouTube personality Jacques Slade aka Kustoo is one of the most popular and recognized people when it comes to sneaker content on YouTube. He is mostly recognized for his unique sneaker unboxings as well as interviewing some of our favorite athletes about sneakers.

Today we would like to share his latest unboxing which was sent to him as a mystery and holds a very meaningful and deep message. As you can see in the video above, Jacques unboxes a pair of shoes without knowing what they are or who they’re from. It turns out that these shoes were sent to him by the Thomson Reuters Fundation with the objective to shed light on modern day slavery. The sneakers themselves are made out of premium quality materials and feature lots of facts and statistics written on them relating to past and modern day slavery.

It is absolutely absurd to think that slavery still exists all around the world in the year 2018, but it does. We recommend you take the time out of your day to watch this video. Also, kudos to Jacques for posting this. Not many people have the courage to post a video like this and shed light on a worldwide issue that most of us have a tendency to ignore or overlook since it doesn’t affect us directly.

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