The Air Jordan 32 appears to be right around the corner, at least according to Russell Westbrook. Westbrook recently took to his Snapchat to reveal that he’s working with JB on a big unveiling of the next Air Jordan signature model.

The snap does not provide much info or provide any details about the shoe, but the choice of Snapchat filter and the the behind-the-scenes footage make it pretty clear that the Air Jordan 32 is on the way.

We can expect the Air Jordan 32 to be revealed very soon and we can also expect for Jordan Brand to once again draw design connections from past retro Air Jordans just like they did with the Air Jordan XXX1 (inspired by the Air Jordan 1). Early reports suggest that the Air Jordan 32 could very well be inspired by the Air Jordan 2. Also, don’t be surprised if the Air Jordan 32 debuts around the same time as the Air Jordan 1 Flyknit does. Pretty exciting news. Stay tuned.

image: Snapchat

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