Make no mistake about it, NBA rookie De’Aaron Fox is living his dream of being an NBA player for the Sacramento Kings. The Kentucky product came in the league as part of a very talented draft class that will be talked about for years to come and Fox has shown early on that he has to the ability (not to mention the speed) to be among those that will be mentioned frequently in that group.

But if you’re a fan of Fox, you can totally imagine a different scenario where Fox is absolutely lighting it up in the esports world as a professional gamer. Sure, the NBA gig is probably preventing him from being on par with some of the Call of Duty players in the world – priorities and all – so we’ll have to settle for him being one of the most visible athletes right now who enjoys the CoD as much the games who cop the game at launch.

Last night, Fox was part of a CoD livestream with Twitch Streamer and YouTuber DEXB0T (peep the Chaos-inspired Nike Air Prestos). Fox even has his own Twitch channel where he interacts with fans and plays games with them.  We also had a chance to talk to Fox about his take on the new Call of Duty: WWII, life in the NBA, his relationship with Nike and his fandom of Dragon Ball Z.  It’s not everyday we get to ask an NBA player about his passion for anime, so you know we had to jump on that.

How his stream with DEXB0T went:

Oh, it went well, I was feeling it. I got my rocket launcher, so it was a lot of fun to get on a livestream and to play and interact with fans and to play with somebody who does a lot (of livestreams).

On having his own Twitch channel:

I just wanted to have fun. I like to reaching out to a variety of fans, some of whom will never get a chance to talk to you (in person). It’s just fun to be able to enjoy ourselves and play Call of Duty and not take ourselves too seriously… I mean, I wouldn’t want them to know where I live of course, but it’s fun to interact with them and let them know that I’m more than just a basketball player.

Seeing Call of Duty: WWII for the first time in 4K:

Oh, it was great seeing it. Just like with other Call of Duty games, I tend to play through the story mode first and head straight into the multiplayer. But yeah, seeing it in 4K was great.

His history with CoD:

My first game was Call of Duty 4 (Modern Warfare). I kind of just jumped into it and I was pretty good at that and I’ve gotten every Call of Duty since then. I like the Modern Warfare series, not the too futuristic stuff… that’s the stuff that I like.

Life in the NBA that surprised:

Uh, not a lot of things surprised me, really. Just the physicality, it’s just a lot faster on the court the attention to details that teams have on you, and it’s a lot more of a mental game than it was in college. It’s very tiring playing through so many games, but hey, every player goes through it, so it’s something we all work through.

His reaction when he received his Veneta-Inspired Nike Kobe AD:

I don’t really have big reactions (laughs), but it was great. It was actually one of my business trips, I actually hadn’t signed with the company yet, so it was great to see them put that together and put some thought into that and it was one-of-a-kind.

Why he wears Kobes:

I have a very narrow foot so I’ve been playing in the Kobes since the Nike Kobe 4 and I just love playing in them. My favorite would be either those or the 7s. I have a lot of input in the colorways and my brother has got me in some other colorways as well.

How he became a fan of Dragon Ball:

I kind of knew about it when I was young, but I really got into when I was in high school. I’ve just been a big fan of it ever since, it touches a different audience (than basketball) and people love it.

Why Vegeta is his favorite character:

I like that he’s the underdog and that he used to be a villain and the attitude that he had really attracted me to him.

I would say Majin Vegeta is a my favorite (version of character) just because he kind of went back to his old ways. He wasn’t a bully anymore or anything like that, but he kind of let Babidi control him to go back and it was great.

Images: Kimberly White/Getty Images for Activision

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