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Los Angeles is home to some of the biggest stars/celebrities/athletes in the world and this Summer Nike is giving residents of the city of angels the opportunity to train like a star. Nike is holding a special pop-up in the heart of Hollywood to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their Just Do It campaign. Known as the Just Do It HQ, the impressive space  brings to life all aspects of the Nike Training Club app, from curated training programs led by Nike Master Trainers, professional athlete drop-ins and education workshops on the five facets of training, to the newest Nike Training product.


Nike gave us an exclusive early look (and experience) of the Just Do It HQ yesterday as well as put us through a grueling workout lead by some of their Master Trainers. While select athletes are expected to drop by the space throughout the Summer (June 21st-August 12th), a few Nike athletes were in attendance yesterday to help introduce the space. The athletes included Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams quarterback), Chloe Kim (American Olympic snowboarder), Leticia Bufoni (Brazilian professional street skateboarder), Kyle Kuzma (Los Angeles Lakers Forward). We had the opportunity to chop it up with Lakers rising star Kyle Kuzma as we talked about his rookie season, kicks, and more.


Kicks On Fire: What was your favorite memory from your rookie season?
Kyle Kuzma: My favorite rookie moment was definitely the game we played against Boston at home. I had like 20 in the 4th quarter (or 17 something like that) and we got a comeback win against the Celtics at Staples…having that history made it special.

After some research we found out that Kyle dropped 17 in the 4th quarter and 28 total points for the game.

KOF: What’s the most important thing you learned during your rookie season?
KK: Never be too high, never be too low because you’ll have your great moments during the season and you’re gonna have your bad moments. 

KOF: What’s it like playing for the Lakers, arguably the most prestigious team in the history of the NBA? 
KK: It means a lot to be a Laker. Like you said, it’s one of the most prestigious teams, it’s a team that everybody wants to play for because it’s the Lakers. And to play with a team and an organization that has great culture and tradition is really a one-of-a-kind feeling. 

KOF: As far as kicks go, what has been your favorite release of 2018 so far?
KK: The OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, the white one that dropped exclusively in Europe. I probably wear that shoe almost all the time that’s one of my favorite pairs. 

KOF: I’m assuming you have multiple pairs, right? (*laughs* but the same time being serious)
KK: Ummm…I got 2 pairs. 

KOF: What’s your favorite shoe to wear when you ball on the court?
KK: This year it was the Nike Kobe AD Mid. That’s the shoe that I probably wore for probably 75 games of the year out of the 82. 

KOF: Is there a certain colorway that you like or anything that matches with the Lakers uniforms?
KK: I like the black colorway. I like wearing black shoes, I just think it looks better with all types of jerseys. The black NCAA Tournament pair (March Madness) I like that one with the fruity pebbles outsole. 

KOF: What’s your favorite shoe to wear off the court whether it be from Nike or Jordan Brand?
KK: Off the floor I would probably say either the Air Max 95 or the Jordan 4, those two shoes. I also wear a lot of designer shoes too, I like Alexander McQueen shoes a lot. 

KOF: Bonus question, what’s the latest tattoo you’ve gotten?
KK: My latest…uhhh (looking at his arms) is this one that’s peeling on my arm, It’s praying hands for my grandmother.

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