ESPN took a moment to look into Chicago Bulls Guard Nate Robinson’s solid selection of Air Jordan Sneakers he keeps at the United Center to wear on game day. Nate truly has a vast array of kicks to lace up on the court that would break necks all day on the streets. Take a look and let us know which pair of the former 3-time slam dunk champ’s kicks you like the most.

espn-checks-out-nate-robinsons-vast-jordan-collection-1 espn-checks-out-nate-robinsons-vast-jordan-collection-2 espn-checks-out-nate-robinsons-vast-jordan-collection-3 espn-checks-out-nate-robinsons-vast-jordan-collection-4 espn-checks-out-nate-robinsons-vast-jordan-collection-5

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