Converse is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the final season of the American Basketball Associate with the Converse Pro Leather “Birth of Flight.”

August 1976 saw the merge of the ABA with the NBA and signaled a moment in time that would change the artistry of basketball forever. Ultimately, the combination of these two contrasting leagues – one focused on the game’s sport and rigor while the latter encouraged artistry and flair – would break down barriers for future generations of hoops. To capture the essence of Dr. J as he broke basketball’s “flight” barrier through his infamous free-throw line dunk, Converse’s Pro Leather Birth of Flight style is inspired by the league that first sparked creativity and individualism amongst athletes.

“When I think back to that year, it signaled the coming-together of two things into something great,” says Julius “Dr. J” Erving. “It marked the end of an era, on one hand, but it also marked the beginning of another exciting era. Hopefully, that time will never be forgotten.”

The Converse Pro Leather “Birth of Flight” will be available globally beginning February 18 at and select global retailers, for $85.

images: Converse

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