Guys, we all need help every once in a while (I’m sure you’re thinking you don’t).  We are by nature stubborn creatures (you’re probably disagreeing with this statement just because you’re a man) who always thinks they’re right (because you are right, you’re saying to yourself), but the reality is that even the best of us (which you are, buddy, you’re so awesome) could benefit from a tip or two from your better half (you don’t need a better half, champ, you are the better everything).

And this is never more evident than on Tuesdays on Twitter when we take the time to celebrate the awesomeness that is #ChicksOnFire.  While we really should be celebrating them more than once a week, it has been established that the ladies take over our Twitter feed on that day and they get a chance to show off their kicks and uh, whatever else they want to so as long we don’t fired for it.  This is when the thirst kicks in.  As soon as we start retweeting the #ChicksOnFire, the guys show their uh, love by telling them how great they are in not-so-flattering words and even asking for their hand in marriage just because.  Now, a lot of this is obviously in good fun and we all get a few laughs out of it (we also find out the asshats to ban for being disrespectful to women in a way they would never dare try in real life), it has come to our attention that there are a lot of repeat offenders out there who might not just be doing it for fun but really have no idea how to talk to women.  And then there was the SN’EADS strip by good friend of the site @sneadsbyree.


Yeesh, the ignorance in the comments section of that pic and everybody that posted this was fierce.  So as a public service, we enlisted the #ChicksOnFire themselves to help us all out with some tips on how to potentially go out with one of them.  As always, your mileage may vary…

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