Our latest #ChicksOnFire Collections video is here and today we are featuring Jodi Goldberg, who you might know as @jodirockstar online. As her Instagram suggests, Jodi has a wide variety of sneakers in her closet, ranging from the big name hyped releases to some that you might not see all the time and fly under the radar. The best part about being in the sneaker community is that not everybody is going to have the same collection and Jodi shows off her range, as we go from Jordans to Foams to Dunks to even Li-Ning Way of Wades. That’s right, the #ChicksOnFire are showing D-Wade some love.

There is also a trade story regarding a pair of Red October Yeezys that you might want to check out. Would you make a similar deal if given the opportunity?

Jodi Rockstar 1 Jodi Rockstar 2 Jodi Rockstar 3 Jodi Rockstar 4

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