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Wiz Khalifa’s Converse deal has finally come to fruition and is more expansive than anyone could have imagined. Boasting a roster of twelve silhouettes that all bear a special Wiz Khalifa tag the looks range from low key to eye popping meaning there is something there for everyone. These are set to be at the majority of Converse retailers on August 23rd and if you have been repping Taylor Gang for a while here’s your chance to cop the uniform.

Wiz Khalifa x Converse Collection

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If peeks at the Air Jordan 1 “Formidable Foes”, Air Jordan 1 “Legends Of Summer”, Air Jordan 1 “Fire Red / Reflective Silver” and Air Jordan 1 “Bel-Air” weren’t enough here is a look at yet another Air Jordan 1 colorway. This time it has popped up in yellow and blue and while we don’t have much information about the release we do like what we see. Based on the pixelation its hard to tell if its suede and leather or not but all that remains to be seen when more images make their way out. Stay tuned for updates.

Air Jordan 1
Yellow / Blue

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