The Air Jordan 4 Dunk From Above is only a few days away from releasing, so why not get you hyped for the release with a little bit of #ArtOnFire.

JC.Ro is a young artist who has mastered the technique of painting sneakers (among other things) using only triangles, and lots of them. His latest creation resulted in the Air Jordan 4 Dunk From Above illustration you see above made out of a total of 1443 triangles. Lots of time, effort, skill and patience is required to create something like this, but the end result makes it all worth it. This abstract illustration is impeccable and is a great representation of the latest Jordan retro set to drop this weekend. If you plan on picking up a pair of the Air Jordan 4 Dunk From Above, this art piece should only make you want the sneaker even more.

If you’re looking to find out more information about this up and coming artist be sure you visit his IG here, or head on over to his website here to see what else he’s been cooking as of late.

Make sure you visit our Air Jordan 4 Dunk From Above hub page for all the latest info and images regarding this weekend’s release.

via: JC.RO

Sneakers In 4K: Air Jordan 4 Dunk From Above

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