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Are you one of those people that love to show the world your passion for sneakers? Aside from wearing your sneakers on your feet, a countless amount of brands/companies have created ways to to show your devotion to the sneaker culture by creating sneaker-influenced accessories. One of those brands happens to be Pinsmatic, which happens to make sneaker pins of some of your favorite Nike, Air Jordan and adidas models.

Located in France, Pinsmatic was created with a passionate desire to reproduce sneakers models that have has a big impact in sneaker history. Models such as the Nike Air Max 1 and Air Jordan 1 are created as small pins that can be placed on anything you own such as hats, jackets, backpacks, and yes, even your shoes! The pins are about 1-inch in size and current models include the orange Nike box, Nike Air Max 90 Infrared, Nike Air Max 95 Neon, adidas NMD, Air Jordan 1 Bred & Royal, just to name a few.

Priced at 8 euros (roughly $9 US), I don’t blame you if you want to pick up more than one. Check out the images above and head on over to the Pinsmatic online store and let us know which pair you’re feeling the most. Shipping is available worldwide.

via: Pinsmatic

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