Above you will get a first look at the adidas Futurecraft STRUNG. The new running model comes equipped with the most radical additively manufactured midsoles enabled by Carbon to date.

The shoe features a new textile upper known as STRUNG, a tech that allows developers to dial specific structure coordinates on computers that are then set to robots for development. This new technology will allow more precise zones of breathability, flexibility, and support.

The press release reads: “As a business, we are constantly striving for optimum footwear performance. To achieve this, we need to get the most out of our materials. We like to talk about our products ‘silently serving’ the athlete – seamlessly improving performance and in this case getting more out of every thread so that they can focus on nothing but their sport.”

“The midsole is our most radical ADIDAS 4D lattice design to date, featuring a new shape to cater for forefoot strikers. The heel has been minimised to remove the weight and the rubber outsole is specifically engineered to provide traction just where needed, resulting in an extremely minimalist midsole.”

It is being reported that the adidas Futurecraft STRUNG will not be made commercially available, but has a targeted launch date for early 2022 with development to continue over the next year.

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