The that Nike and the NBA have partnered up, expect a lot of great new innovative apparel coming your way. Those new offerings will also include pre-game apparel for NBA players. Today we take a closer look at one of those offerings, the new Nike NBA Therma Flex Showtime Warm-Up Jacket.

Said to be the first performance hooded jacket for NBA players to wear, the new jackert is constructed out of a brand new material that Nike is calling Therma Flex. It’s similar to a mid-weight fleece, but inverted. “A typical fleece is fuzzy on the inside and flat on the outside, but we made this flat against the skin and super-soft on the outside,” says Kurt Parker, Nike VP of Apparel Design. “The outside has a dotted texture to it that traps body heat in the fabric, and it’s soft to the touch and smooth against the skin.” So far, the Showtime Warm-Up Jacket is the only product that uses Nike Therma Flex, but the designers say there are plans to create more player and fan gear with it in the coming months.

Unlike the typical fleece fabric used in standard team-issued hooded sweatshirts, the Nike Therma Flex fabric used in the jacket stretches in every direction, so athletes move freely and quickly without any restrictions from the silhouette. Zippers up the sides allow for additional mobility or venting when desired, while elastic cuffs stop the sleeves from falling over the hand.

“We learned that most guys prefer to wear a hood up, but it impedes the way they can see and hear, it moves around and it can get really hot,” explains Parker. To solve for those problems, the Nike Basketball designers placed mesh over the ears to allow the players to hear their coaches and teammates before the game, and to vent and keep them from overheating. The hood opening is carved out around the eye, so when a player has the hood on he can have 100 percent of his peripheral vision. The elastic around the edge helps it fit without draw cords, which players said can be distracting.

Fan versions of the Nike Therma Flex Showtime Warm-up Jacket will be available September 29 on

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