In case you weren’t aware the Toronto Raptors have had a couple nights in which they have deemed “Drake Night“. Don’t ask why, it doesn’t matter; all that matters is that an actual NBA team has a night hosted by a rapper. This just proves that Drake has a crazy influence on today’s culture. Maybe the Raptors have these nights to get a lot of younger people to come out and then they realize how well the Raptors play and start coming to more games. Whie I don’t sit in the board room when these meetings go on but I can still make a educated guess. However, I digress, the most recent Drake Night was a success from what I saw. Drake was sporting his OVO Jordans, he got lots of Instagram beauty shots, the Raptors got the ‘W’ and Drake gifted some Jordan’s. Great, right? Well, what makes this “Drake Night” a great night? Let’s find out.

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