Noooo, you still have so much to offer to the world.

Noooo, you still have so much to offer to the world.

The saying goes that youth is wasted on the wrong people. When we’re young, we have the tendency to do irrational things that you can’t take back. Most of the time they’re harmless gaffes that you’ll look back on with your friends and have a good laugh as you chart it to experience. Other times, they’re mistakes that might come back to haunt you. These are the kind of mistakes that make potential mates look at you sideways or can even prevent you from getting a job because they know what you’re capable of and it isn’t nice. And thanks to the internet, those mistakes can last a while.

It happened to “Star Wars Kid” and the “I Like Turtles” kid and countless others; the moment your flub makes its way online, it’s hard to pull the curtain back. Yes, we’d like to be ones that say “let them live” but we all know that it’s sometimes hard for us to turn away from the proverbial train wreck meme or Instagram pic. So as a public service, here’s a look at some things young sneakerheads probably do all the time that they might want to reconsider. Last thing they want to do is be featured on a site for all the wrong reasons.

1. That Instagram pic they took licking their fresh pair 10 Things Young Sneakerheads Regret - 1

Look, the only person who became famous for licking their sneakers is… absolutely nobody. The only time this ever works is when the licker is already famous and the licked shoe is already famous or isn’t even available yet.

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