Last week, the world was shocked to find that Nike had decided to release the Air Yeezy Red Octobers. The silent release was a definite surprise and was the climax of months of speculation in the sneaker world. Many were disappointed by the release because they expected to get a pair but weren’t even aware that the shoe had been released to the general public. These shoes have commanded a lot of attention, with Kanye’s self-advertisement in his song “Hold My Liquor” and his frequent appearances in the Red Octobers made them an instant grail in some sneakerhead’s eyes. Nike’s release was suspect in the eyes of many; nobody outside of Beaverton will know what compelled Nike to make such a spontaneous release, but what we do know is that it makes for interesting news. Nike is such a powerhouse that they can release shoes whenever they want and they will still sell out, however, why would they do such a weird unadvertised release?

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