Truth be told, Kevin “Kevin” Durant is a way better than nickname than “Durantula” or “K-Smoove” (can’t Josh Smith sue for gimmick infringement?) or any other nickname that’s been given to him as of late (“Slim Reaper” is cool but if Durant isn’t on board, that kind of kills the vibe, right?). But while we truck along and keep coming up with ridiculous nicknames for our superstar athletes, the practice has practically become bastardized in the sneaker world. According to the internet, a sneaker without a nickname is boring and therefore does not deserve any hype. Meanwhile, these are the same people who will bemoan a successful sneaker that they don’t like and claim the only reason it got hype was because of a nickname. Wait, what?

The rush to give everything a nickname has yielded mixed results to say the least. Over the past few years, we have seen nicknames take on the persona of a team’s colors or a pop culture touchstone just so they can be identifiable to the average sneakerhead, but then there are times when those names are forced upon the shoe just so they can have a name even if doesn’t make any sense at all. Here is a look back at some of the egregious offenders of the past few years with 10 Recent Sneaker Releases With Unnecessary Nicknames (to call this a top 10 list would be a disservice).

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