Wait, these are real?  Could have fooled me...

Wait, these are real? Could have fooled me… Image: Nike

So how do you top a masterpiece? Last year’s Air Jordan 11 “Yeezy” April Fools’ Joke was the perfect prank at the perfect time and when the opportunity came to top last year’s effort, the edict was clear: if we can’t top last year then we shouldn’t even bother posting a joke on April 1.

Well, it’s April 1, 2014 and we don’t have an April Fools’ Joke. The reason for that is simple: there are simply no two bigger attention grabbers in the sneaker world right now than Kanye West and the Air Jordan 11.  Anything less than the sum of those two parts would not feel as monumental and funny.  We were also shocked that two of the most potentially outrageous things that could happen did happen (West signing with adidas, the “Yeezy” Foamposite).  It was at that point that we came to the conclusion that we should leave the jokes to the brands at least for this year. You know, like what Nike did this morning with their “What The” LeBron 11 reveal that wasn’t actually a joke.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun today and go over some of the ideas that were bandied about the Kicks On Fire offices. So here are just some of the pranks we had in mind that just weren’t fit to post.

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