restocks-2013(Stolen from Juan): The thirst for restocks

We all have come to know Nike as being a huge tease over the past couple years. Their hot shoes seem to come in limited quantity and sell out very quickly and easily but just when you least expect it they do a surprise restock. Coming back with some of the hotter shoes of the year and throwing much of the sneaker community for a loop. It is very possible that you missed some on a restock or 10 this year and or maybe even all  some of the original release dates. The restock game is getting serious as we see some hyped up “grails” get restocked but what from the year 2013 would you like to see restock. Here is my list of what I think the sneaker community could use restocks on from the year.

10. Air Jordan 3 “Fire Red”


The Fire Red 3 had a long dormant phase, that allowed the latest release to be highly anticipated. It was a shoe that could have definitely been rocked with a lot of typical sneaker wardrobe items. The Fire Red’s weren’t the greatest release of the year by far although the shoes definitely made for a good addition to any collection.

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